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I’m DJ Jerry Craig and music is my life. I started my entertainment career at the age of eight when I sang at my sister’s wedding. I knew then I wanted to be an entertainer. I learned to play guitar, piano, drums, and finely bass guitar. In high school I was in several rock bands and the high school choir and sang bass.
 I joined the navy in 1974 and my first duty station was the USS Oriskany an aircraft carrier stationed in Alameda, California. I volunteered to help run the ships radio station that was fun duty. I started doing parties and weddings on the side with a couple of turntables and got the bug to perform live again. In 1980 I had gotten out of the service and went to Cuesta College and took courses in radio and television, and started Djing at a Club called The Graduate. I did Country nights, Top 40 nights, Big Chill night (they were only once every 6 months) new wave nights and Minor Madness nights. It’s pretty incredible what that taught me, to have around 400-500 people dancing and having fun was a high I loved. Also around 1983 I started Djing at a club called Grover’s Cantina which didn’t last very long before they closed. In 1984 I was DJ’ing at Tortilla Flats doing Wednesday night Country night and some occasional other nights when I wasn’t working at The Grad. In 1997 Kevin Kennedy opened Friend’s Restaurant and Bar. I was the Entertainment Manager booking bands and we would do KJUG Karaoke on Wednesdays, Open Mic on Thursdays, and Friday and Saturday live bands and I would play the breaks. I worked that gig for over 2 years until we closed. In 2000 I picked up Djing at The Cliffs Restaurant and Hotel for about a year. I had Dr Dre show up played some of his music and got in trouble for it even if he requested the songs. That Club lasted around a year. Five years ago I started working for Roger at Big Bubba’s Bar-B-Q during The California Midstate Fair. I do the Club Bubba’s after the fair which is all Top 40 dance music and 2 years ago inside the fair grounds we did karaoke night every night of the fair. Well it’s been a fun ride and weddings and special events are now my life. I would love to be apart of yours

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Dj Jerry Craig


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