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I’m DJ Jerry Craig and music is my life. I started my entertainment career at the age of eight when I sang at my sister’s wedding. I knew then I wanted to be an entertainer. I learned to play guitar, piano, drums, and finely bass guitar. In high school I was in several rock bands and the high school choir and sang bass.
 I joined the navy in 1974 and my first duty station was the USS Oriskany an aircraft carrier stationed in Alameda, California. I volunteered to help run the ships radio station that was fun duty. I started doing parties and weddings on the side with a couple of turntables and got the bug to perform live again. In 1980 I had gotten out of the service and went to Cuesta College and took courses in radio and television, and started Djing at a Club called The Graduate. I did Country nights, Top 40 nights, Big Chill night (they were only once every 6 months) new wave nights and Minor Madness nights. It’s pretty incredible what that taught me, to have around 400-500 people dancing and having fun was a high I loved. Also around 1983 I started Djing at a club called Grover’s Cantina which didn’t last very long before they closed. In 1984 I was DJ’ing at Tortilla Flats doing Wednesday night Country night and some occasional other nights when I wasn’t working at The Grad. In 1997 Kevin Kennedy opened Friend’s Restaurant and Bar. I was the Entertainment Manager booking bands and we would do KJUG Karaoke on Wednesdays, Open Mic on Thursdays, and Friday and Saturday live bands and I would play the breaks. I worked that gig for over 2 years until we closed. In 2000 I picked up Djing at The Cliffs Restaurant and Hotel for about a year. I had Dr Dre show up played some of his music and got in trouble for it even if he requested the songs. That Club lasted around a year. Five years ago I started working for Roger at Big Bubba’s Bar-B-Q during The California Midstate Fair. I do the Club Bubba’s after the fair which is all Top 40 dance music and 2 years ago inside the fair grounds we did karaoke night every night of the fair. Well it’s been a fun ride and weddings and special events are now my life. I would love to be apart of yours

Thanks Again
Dj Jerry Craig


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Meet DJ Chuck

DJ Chuck at his own weddingHello, I am Chuck Pierce aka DJ Chuck. I have been a Disc Jockey for 27 years. I got my start at a nightclub in San Luis Obispo, CA called “Champions” in 1985. Very soon after I started at Champions, a friend of mine convinced me to start a Mobile DJ business called “Red-Line Sights and Sounds“. I enjoyed being a Club DJ, but enjoyed the mobile business even more. In 1992 I contracted RLSS to another San Luis Obispo nightclub called Izzy Ortega’s. After about 3 months of working a 40 hour per week day job and DJing at Izzy’s every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, I convinced the Izzy’s management to interview some DJs to replace me. This was the beginning of something big! In walks Jerry Craig Wiener for an audition. It was apparent to me right away that I was meeting the best DJ I know. I was going through some personal issues at the time and was ready to give up the DJ gig all together. Over about a 3 month time period Jerry convinced me to join forces with him at Jerry Craig Disc Jockey Sound Company. It was one of the best moves I have ever made. I not only gained a partner and a mentor, but one of my very best friends.

I am married to the very beautiful Angela Pierce and we have a wonderful daughter named Lena. I work as a Shift Control Techncian at Diablo Canyon Power Plant. I enjoy riding my 2001 Harley Davidson Road King, riding our horses, camping, fishing, hiking, NASCAR and any activity that I can spend time with my family. Oh, did I mention that I love being a DJ? Well I love being a DJ!

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weddingfair3.jpgWe Play at Wedding, Special Events, Meetings, Banquet Rooms, Party Halls, Wineries, Hotels, Castles, Wedding Spots and Community Events, Chamber Mixers. We Have Emcee (MC) Services, Dance Contest, School Dances, Party Disc Jockey, and Party djing. We work as Club Disc Jockeys, Club DJ’s, Bar Disc Jockeys, Bar DJ’s. We Do Not use Ipod Wedding, Ipod DJ, We are Members of the Central Coast Wedding Professionals.

We do Wedding Disc Jockey and Wedding DJ in
Paso Robles
San Luis Obispo
Avila Beach
Grover Beach
Arroyo Grande
Santa Maria
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